A unique school situated at the entrance of Benalmádena, Málaga

At Los Peques, teaching and children are our passion, for that reason, we nurture their fundamental development in various areas; how to be independent and an awareness of differences and opinion. We use a number of diverse and versatile methods which can be applied at home. Furthermore, the student can utilise these acquired skills and put them in to practice when required.

Special Facilities

At Los Peques, we understand that our students have many requirements in order to aid in their learning process. For that reason, we rely on the best facilities and leave nothing to chance.
We have a garden, a heated saltwater swimming pool, a fitness area, communal courtyard as well as a baby´s sports facility which creates an ideal learning environment for children.

Experienced teaching staff

Our qualified team of teachers contributes to the overall well-being of our students which build up their self-esteem. We have native language staff, a psychologist, a speech therapist, neuropediatrician, nutritionist, an osteopath, a physiotherapist and we also provide a number of extra-curricular activities. Additionally, all of our staff hold permanent positions and ensure that we are completely up to date with the latest teachings. This renovation project includes innovative educational practices, which fits in carefully within our centre. Our pioneering ‘in house’ program ensures that our highly qualified cooks provide fresh homemade meals which fit in with our strict hygiene and nutritional policies.
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Technological Innovations

We base our education system on three fundamental rules:


Practicing values, self-awareness, responsibility, tolerance, self-esteem and emotional well-being.


We create our very own education project which is set to a high standard, consistent and both practical and fun.


We carry out activities which are based on psychological techniques giving rise to students who are creative, possess initiative and focused on learning. We stimulate their minds; help them to be cooperative and promote the use of the English language.

What do the parents say?

I feel a deep appreciation every day when we leave or pick up our daughter Ananda, because everything that describes the colé los peques is of the best professional and human quality that we have known. Thank you for granting us the pleasant experience of welcoming our little one.

Geoffrey Jordan Abhi Ananda , Facebook

I want to thank Paqui, Tania and the entire team of professionals for their great work. I had my 2 children in their nursery and in the 2 cases they made me feel the peace of knowing that they were in very good hands. Thanks for everything!!!

Irene Fernandez Arcos, Facebook

It is a lovely kindergarten there I had my first child and after three years I return to trust them for the good treatment received.

Mari Carmen Ordoñez Villatoro, Facebook

They are professionals like the crown of a pine*, the wonderful treatment and the facilities
Super new endowed with technology to the last everything for the teaching of the child,
We have also repeated, first with the child and now with the little one.

*spanish saying

Bernardino Rivas, Facebook


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