Educational Methods

We base our education system on three fundamental rules:

  • Humanism: Practicing values, self-awareness, responsibility, tolerance, self-esteem and emotional well-being.
  • Rationalism: We create our very own education project which is set to a high standard, consistent and both practical and fun.
  • Constructivism: We carry out activities which are based on psychological techniques giving rise to students who are creative, possess initiative and focused on learning. We stimulate their minds, help them to be cooperative and promote the use of the English language.


Applied Neuroscience

We have complemented our educational system by introducing various aspects of applied Neuroscience. Certain methods have been implemented, such as SIAP (Sistema Integral de Aprendizaje y Productividad), psychomotor activity and the use of the Tomatis method.


New technologies

We have also introduced our students to new technologies with the use of digital displays in all of the classrooms, e.g. digital screens and tablets.



We encourage students to form good relationships with each other by holding group activities, workshops and parent evenings.


Ongoing Training

We are open to ‘Teaching Innovations’ and constant training of our staff.


Summer Camp

We organise summer camps in July and August. We promote students to carry out a variety of sports, swimming, chess, the usage of new technologies, revision in reading and writing, and helping to adapt to day to day family life.

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