About Us


My name is Francisca Martín, and I am the Director of Los Peques Centre. I am highly experienced with all levels of teaching; Nursery, Primary, Secondary and I am also a consultant in The Tomatis Method (stimulation of the neurosensory system), which is applicable to all kinds of people with learning difficulties, depression, stress, anxiety, and the teaching of a second language, etc. I pay close attention to the Centre’s requirements including those of the families, continuously promoting it on both a national and international level. I constantly demand improvements within this educational context which is then conveyed to my staff. Together we strive for everything to work harmoniously so we can remain at the apex of educational innovation to ensure quality education and additionally for future generations.

The Centre’s History. This Centre was established in 1985 with the aim of providing educational requirements to families living around the coast. We started out small, but over the years we have grown significantly and we had to expand our facilities in order to provide a better service and support to the families. We offered our services to children from 0 years up to adulthood, helping them in their academic training, preparing students with learning difficulties or helping others with special educational needs; I also had students whose families worked long hours managing their businesses, so we opened for extra hours, which included Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. In other words, we were operating on a 24 hours a day basis.

Currently, we are dedicated to teaching students between the ages of 0-6 years which is divided into two phases, 0-3 years and 3-6 years. Staying true to our roots, we offer extended hours to provide the best service possible in the world we live in today, staying open from 7:30am until 8pm Monday to Friday. We are the only Consultants utilising the Tomatis method in the whole of Andalucia, which favours the development of learning capabilities through the neruosensory stimulation pathways using ‘well-tuned listening’. We train our students in a quality educational environment, and in collaboration with their families instil values ​​and principles to build personal foundations, both on a cognitive and emotional level, as our students of today will be the people of tomorrow.

We have highly qualified and experienced staff in different areas dedicated to continuing education and training

Kitchen facilities

We have our own kitchen and qualified staff, which prepare fresh food every day. Our menu is varied and tailored to the different needs of individual students (celiac, lactose intolerance, etc), and overseen by our expert nutritionist.


An attainment of medical case histories and information is provided to the families about various paediatric pathologies.


Developmental assessment, family counselling and training workshops and chat sessions.

Awards and Distinctions

Recognition of the Mapfre Foundation and awarded by Infanta Elena to the Children’s Center Cerro del Viento «Los Peques.  More information…

Early attention

We provide students with special educational needs with our team of experts in different fields to improve and promote the smooth evolutionary development of the student.


We provide certified equipment for babies, children, adults and pregnant women to use in our heated saltwater pool.


Our publications are supported by the university, used as a reference for future teachers.

Best Educational School 2020

Recognition as one of the Best Educational School nationwide. More information…

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